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Why Are Most Afraid?

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Because they know that they have to ask for 3% to 6% of your equity and they don't know how to sell the benefits of using an experienced real estate agent. Most FSBO's don't realize that, with the extra exposure, they can sell their houses for an average of 10% more with a licensed real estate agent (Lending Tree study, 2004). This more than covers any commissions and significantly reduces any potential headaches from the expected hurdles of closing a real estate transaction.

HOWEVER, we realize that some FSBO's will still want to sell their own property.


Only 1% (of sales price) total charge (payable to CoastalVA Realty, Inc. at settlement/closing)
Market your home yourself. Once you find a buyer that wants to make an offer, a licensed real estate agent from CoastalVA Realty, Inc. will provide the following:

* Provide a Market Analysis to help verify sales price

* Evaluate qualifications of buyer

* Assist in completing all required paperwork

* Communicate with you and buyer for scheduling of inspections, appraisals and walk-through, if necessary

* Schedule and coordinate completion of all requirements for lender, insurance company and closing attorney

* Assist you and buyer with all other questions such as utility exchange, possession agreements, loan approval issues, etc.

* Attend closing, if necessary, and follow-up with distribution of funds.

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